70 Ways to Overcome Racism
First, start with something no one wants to hear. Start with yourself.

  1. Clear your own mind of racism. That way you can see more clearly and make better judgments about ways to overcome racism.
  2. Forgive past injustices.
  3. Do not use the memories of past hurts as excuses to perpetuate detrimental coping strategies for dealing with another peoples’ racism.
  4. Cover your own fears and sense of inferiority with a clear conscience and a cloak of real righteousness. That is, when you know that you are doing the right things you will be undisturbed and unaccepting of racial put-downs.
  5. Be proud of yourself and your ancestors. Value yourself and realize that you deserve the best treatment and not something that is substandard.

Second, recognize that ‘race’ and ‘racism’ are terms that have no scientific or biological basis.

  1. We are all the same. Consider a litter of kittens.  Consider that when kittens area born, in the same litter, with the same parents, we find black, brown, white, orange, striped, and calico kittens.  Do we call each differently colored kitten a different race? That would be illogical.  The same with humans.
  2. Recognize that Racism is a mode of thinking used to rationalize, justify, and support a group of people who are trying to subjugate and exploit another group of people.
  3. Recognize that Racism is an excuse to justify wrong actions against another group of people.
  4. Recognize that Racism occurs by condemning a large group of people for what one or a few individuals do or did. Thus, racists have a distorted view of reality.  This distorted view of reality indicates psychological and intellectual deficiencies and is condemned by most religions.
  5. Recognize that racists rarely have and rarely use the intellectual capacity to explore and understand the complex historical, psychological, and illogical causes of racism.
  6. Thus, realize that racism is a form of dementia.

So, what do we do about it?

  1. We must recognize that there are different kinds and different levels of racism. Thus, we must use different strategies to overcome each of the different kinds and levels of racism.

Third, we face racism on the personal level, probably every day, at the store, at work, etc.

PROBLEM. Disrespectful store clerks

  1. Smile and say something complimentary

PROBLEM. Store personnel that informs selected customers of special products, store discounts, and other special offers.  But, they do not inform minority customers of the same.

  1. Smile, listen carefully, quietly and ask many questions.

PROBLEM.  Followed by security personnel

  1. Put back the merchandise, tell the manager that you feel profiled, and leave.


Fourth, overcoming racism in the workplace.

PROBLEM.  Sneering co-workers

  1. Smile and say something complimentary and say, “I am praying for you.”

PROBLEM.  Fewer training opportunities

  1. Review company policies and timelines.  Talk with your supervisor in advance and ask what you can do to be ready for the opportunities.

PROBLEM.  Fewer promotions

  1. Review company policies and timelines.  Talk with your supervisor in advance and ask what you can do to be ready for the opportunities.

PROBLEM.  Lower salaries for the same work

  1. Review company policies and timelines.  Talk with your supervisor in advance and ask what you can do to be ready for the opportunities coming up

PROBLEM.  Companies that hire minorities in order to meet quotas and then fire those workers as soon as possible

  1. Review company policies and timelines.  Talk with your supervisor in advance and ask what you can do to be ready for the opportunities and avoid lay-offs.
  2. Also, talk with union personnel and EEOC personnel regarding the situation.
  3. Buy a share of stock in the company then go to stockholders’ meetings and point out how racism in the workplace is lowering company profits and is exposing the company to expensive class action lawsuits.
  4. Encourage and help each other. Do not compete with each other.   But instead, collaborate and help each other so that when one rises, they can pull others up.
  5. Do not steal a paper clip. Doing so may compromise your honesty, integrity, and righteousness and will give you a bad conscience that racists can exploit.
  6. Work twice as hard and be twice as good.
  7. Make yourself too valuable to be fired.
  8. Be the one that your boss can count on to get the jobs done.
  9. A person’s gifts make room for him. So, develop your gifts.

Fifth, there is educational racism.

  1. Too many poor-quality schools
  2. Too many poorly motivated and poorly trained teachers
  3. Lack of rigorous instruction
  4. Lack of interesting educational experiences
  5. Lack of field trips
  6. Few exposures to excellence in several fields
  7. Limiting educational opportunities for people, i.e. convicted felons who have served their term of punishment. Rescind the laws that prevent some from getting Pell Grants and other benefits.
  1. Put aside any bad feelings because of your past hurts in school and focus on the present opportunities for your children
  2. Get increased time in instruction
  3. Ask for longer school days and a longer school year
  4. Demand better student behavior
  5. Ask for character development and instruction
  6. Get involved in many different ways
  7. Go to parent meetings
  8. Go to School Board meetings
  9. Visit the classrooms
  10. Be as Room Mother or Father
  11. Join the School Board
  12. Give contributions to the classrooms and to the schools
  13. Participate in school activities
  14. Ask for more after-school programs
  15. Volunteer to help with school clubs
  16. Mentor, tutor and chaperone
  17. Compliment and appreciate school personnel for what they can do and ask how you can help.
  18. Put aside any bad feelings because of your past hurts in school and focus on the present opportunities for your children

Sixth, there is systemic, financial racism of several kinds.

  1. Payday loans
  2. In high school, educate about real costs of loans, real impact and real consequences of taking loans
  3. Auto title loans
  4. Unscrupulous additions to auto and home purchase contracts
  5. Unscrupulous land contracts
  6. Variable interest rates
  7. Not reading contracts carefully
  8. Not understanding the stock markets
  9. Not understanding how to start and maintain businesses

Seventh, there is systemic governmental discrimination

  1. Over assessment of land values causing higher Real Estate Taxes
  2. Over charging for water and, perhaps, other utilities.
  3. Over charging for museums, zoos and other public institutions
  4. Not providing free days so that low income people have access to public facilities
  5. Not providing free college tuition and free learning opportunities for low income families
  6. Making laws that limit people’s right to vote, i.e. poll taxes, discriminating qualifications, disenfranchising convicted felons who have already served their term of punishment.
  7. Not encouraging everyone to use their right to vote
  1. Vote for aggressive political leadership that will legislate fairly.

Eighth, there is racism in entertainment

PROBLEM. Some people support performers that low rate and degrade people. Those same performers encourage poor behavior and glamorize criminal activity.  These types of performers are poor role models for young people.

PROBLEM. Some prominent performers misinform their fans and tell their fans to not to vote and to boycott elections.

  1. Do not listen to entertainers’ advice that denies you your rights.  Then, ask who is paying them to do that?

PROBLEM. Many sports franchises and entertainers sell overpriced tickets to sporting events and other entertainment events.

  1. Demand that franchises create set-asides for low-income families and for students to attend events.

PROBLEM. News media and others do not refer to violent hate groups as domestic terrorists.

  1. Question the media about their failure to designate hate groups that commit violence as being domestic terrorists.

In general. SOLUTIONS.

  1. Pray for them.
  2. Be the one that your employer or boss can count on to get the job done.
  3. Be the one that comes in early and stays late to get the job done.
  4. Use good, positive attitudes.
  5. Use team building training activities.
  6. Learn the rungs on the ladders for success and the qualifications for each step. Then, over qualify and quietly publicize your qualifications.
  7. Avoid and walk away from confrontations unless you are sure of your backup.
  8. Try to understand the racist’s point of view and his priorities. In other words, what does the racist care about more than he cares about race.  Once you have determined those things, then you can speak to those concerns and then point out the fallacies of his position on race related matters.  However, it is pointless, illogical and possibly dangerous to argue with people that do not care about truth or logic.  Perhaps the real agenda of such people is not truth but power.
  9. In that case, walk away and approach the problem from another direction.
  10. When they call you Nigger, say, “Thank you for the compliment.”
  11. If you want to speak further, say, “I am very proud of my ancestors that survived hundreds of years of horrible mistreatment by people like you.”

Dr. Wylmarie N.  Sykes

© 2018