African American Participation

Goals for African American Participation in American Society

We are not asking for enough.  We are nearly 20% of the American population.  So, we should aspire to be:

  • 20% of college graduates, 20% of Police, 20% of Nurses, 20% of Doctors, 20% of Lawyers, 20% of Judges, 20% of Mayors. 20% of Governors, 20% of City planners, 20% of Senators, 20% of Legislators, 20% of All local, state, legal and professional positions, 20% of All teachers and principals, and school administrators, 20 % of Artists, musicians, actors, play writes, television producers, and film-makers and 20% of Electricians, plumbers, iron workers, builders, contractors, union members, etc.

Let’s make it happen.  Let us organize for it and track our progress in each of the above areas.  Let us “Improve until the “Dream” Comes True.”  We can hire statisticians and strategists to assist with the achievement of these goals.  We need to assess where we are, prioritize, and then develop strategies for collaboration, development, and achievement in each area.