Operation Safe Child Programs

Operation Safe Child is a partnership between village officials and the schooladministration within the village in order to ensure the safety and safe development of young children into productive adulthood.

Program Features

  • 45 Minute classroom sessions
  • Interaction with police, fire and paramedic personnel
  • Character development and critical thinking exercises
  • Skits and role playing
  • Thought provoking songs and dance steps to enhance each session
  • Discussion and questions
  • Research based content
  • Rewards and positive reinforcements

Classroom Topics

  • Children being abducted/ How to avoid abduction
  • Children being recruited for gangs/ What do you do when a gang is trying to recruit you?
  • Children coping with bullies and abusive siblings/ How do you protect yourself?
  • Children smoking , using drugs and or alcohol/ What are the harmful effects of smoking, using drugs and or smoking?
  • Children in trouble in school/ The benefits of an education
  • Children preventing fires and knowing what to do in a fire/ Fire Safety
  • Children being asked to run drugs, sell drugs and information for pushers and or gangs/ Who should you tell if someone asks you to sell drugs and what are the consequences of selling drugs